Why should you outsource medical billing?


Outsourcing the very complex medical billing process significantly increases a physician’s confidence that billing is handled accurately and efficiently. At Consolidated MD’s Medical Billing Service we eliminate the time, frustration, and expenses associated with building and maintaining the skilled workforce needed to achieve optimal reimbursement in the ever-changing, and very challenging medical insurance industry. Staffing, documentation, record keeping, and space for in-office billing can cost 10 to 20 percent of monthly revenue and still not provide the level of expertise required to ensure submission of compliant claims that produce timely accounts receivable recovery.

Consolidated MD’s Medical Billing Service brings quality and  expertise to the medical billing process, allowing physicians to focus on the most important part of a physician’s practice – patient care. Without question, C-MD’s clients know their business interests are in the hands of qualified, competent, committed medical billing professionals when they rely on us to handle their billing practices.

What services do you provide?

The mission of C-MD Medical Billing Solutions is to meet the challenges and goals for each physician’s practice with the highest level of professional quality and personal attention we possibly can. C-MD’s Medical Billing Services priority is to offer services that promote the best interest of your practice not only for today, but also for the challenges that lie ahead. We provide professional solutions for all facets of the business end of your medical practice; from billing and coding, to marketing and advertising, all the way up to full suite practice management solutions, C-MD truly does handle it all.

What do you charge?

C-MD’s medical billing fees are based on a percentage of your receipts. C-MD’s medical billing service does not get paid unless you get paid. The percentage charged is based on many factors — specialty type, average adjusted charge, volume, and whether a practice is new or established. Please contact C-MD for more information.

How do you protect my accounts receivable information?

C-MD’s Medical Billing Solutions work with web-based practice management solutions.  The security of the web-based solutions is the highest available, updates as new threats are detected, and backs up all of your information in real time. Our electronic systems are 100% compliant with State, Federal, and HIPAA law, as is every other part of our company.

What reports do you provide?


A variety of reports are provided at the end of each month based on the information you wish to review; this includes account activity and aging, referring physicians, and practice productivity by location. Specific reports can be designed upon request as well. C-MD can also provide annual reports showing an in-depth review of the recent year as compared to prior years. This allows you to see not only how your practice is performing, but how well C-MD’s medical billing service is performing for you.

What makes Consolidated MD’s billing solutions different from other billing services?

C-MD’s medical billing will quickly become a vital extension of your medical practice.  C-MD’s medical billing management team is comprised of owners who are all actively involved in daily business operations.  C-MD’s medical billing professionals  handle all of their accounts with a personal touch and are dedicated to  maximizing their physicians’ practices revenue dollars while at the same time minimizing their revenue cycles. They take the time to understand the goals of each and every medical practice they work with so that they can achieve the necessary results to help you meet those goals. C-MD’s medical billing  has a  proven track record of superior performance and consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations.

How do we get started?

Contact us!

Please help us prepare by providing us with any details about your practice, including practice model, specialty, and specific concerns. Also be sure to include the best time to get in contact with you.

Medical Billing FAQs