CMD_Medical_Billing_Chart_Audit_Review_and_AssistanceA simple chart review can let medical providers know how they are doing.

Chart audits can serve many purposes: from administrative through clinical, compliance through research, chart audits can be conducted on virtually any aspect of care that is generally documented in the physician’s medical record. Practices that are frustrated with clinical processes not working well can use chart audits to document where their problems lie, find the deficiency in the process, and fix it.

Perhaps the most beneficial use of a chart audit is to measure quality of care so that you can improve upon it. Chart audits are often used as part of a quality improvement initiative. For example, a practice might have a chart audit performed to see how often a particular vaccine is offered, given or declined. If the audit determines that the vaccine is not being offered or given as recommended, then there is room for improvement. The same practice could review the panels of individual physicians within the group to see if they differ in performance on this measure. If there is sufficient differential among the physicians, the practice can implement procedural changes to correct these deficiencies.

Improve the efficiency of your practice .

As a support service to your business, Consolidated MD will provide you with cost-effective solutions that make a drastic difference in the efficiency of your business. Our chart auditing service is designed to improve the quality and productivity of your business, as well as the cash flow and overall bottom line.

Consolidated MD can provide a chronology of charts containing but not limited to:

  • Patient demographic insurance information sheets
  • Consent of care
  • Emergency Department record
  • Order entry forms for laboratory, imaging, and special testing
  • General medical orders by department
  • History & physical examination reports
  • Consults for specialized care
  • Progress notes (usually handwritten showing daily evaluations of current medical problems and the progress in medical treatment)
CMD_Medical_Billing_Medical_Chart_AccuracyMedical Chart Auditing with high accuracy

At Consolidated MD, all medical chart audits are done through the joint efforts of our support personnel who have a wealth of knowledge in healthcare and case management. Our goal is to make sure that the documentation you have on file can stand up to any review, audit, or possible lawsuit. It is because of this that our chart auditors are unrelentingly thorough with their reviews and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to reviewing your documentation.

  • Accurate adjudicate medical coding for diagnoses, procedures and services in physician-based settings
  • Proficiency across a wide range of services, which include evaluation and management,  surgical services, radiology,  and medicine.
  • Handle issues such as medical necessity, claims denials, bundling issues, and charge captures
  • Knowing how to integrate medical coding and reimbursement rule changes into a practice’s reimbursement processes
  • Knowledge of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology necessary to correctly code provider diagnosis and services

Our guarantee is to understand and maintian all HIPAA and security regulations, to be extremely sensitive about the regulations that affect the medical and legal industries, and to be fully compliant with all HIPAA protocols necessary to achieve this goal. 

You work hard to take care of your patients, we work hard to take care of you!